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UFC 298 Fight Preview & Prediction



Credit: UFC

In the highly-anticipated main event of UFC 298, the featherweight division is set to witness a clash of titans as reigning champion Alexander Volkanovski defends his title against the formidable Ilia Topuria. This showdown, scheduled to take place in Anaheim, California, promises to be a pivotal moment in the careers of both fighters, offering the potential for legacy-defining moments for both fighters.

Alexander Volkanovski, with a record of 26-3, enters the octagon amidst whispers questioning his place in the featherweight hierarchy, especially after a tough outing against lightweight champion Islam Makhachev. Despite this, Volkanovski’s journey from rugby fields to UFC stardom i proof to his exceptional adaptability and athleticism . Known for his bulldozer approach early in his career, Volkanovski has evolved into a more nuanced fighter, blending crisp striking with strategic feints and footwork, under the tutelage of Brad Riddell and the acclaimed City Kickboxing team. His victories over legends like Jose Aldo and Max Holloway, and a gritty trilogy with Holloway, have solidified his reputation as a dominant champion and the greatest featherweight of all time. However, facing Ilia Topuria, especially coming off the heels of a tough loss to current UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev , will be one of his toughest challenges yet.

Ilia Topuria, unbeaten at 14-0, has rapidly ascended the featherweight ranks, displaying a remarkable blend of striking ability and grappling finesse. Hailing from Spain with Georgian heritage, “El Matador” has captivated fans with his explosive boxing, precision bodywork, and high-level grappling skills. Topuria’s performances, especially the comprehensive victory over Josh Emmett, have showcased his championship potential. With a style characterized by aggressive pressure, smart feints, and lethal counter-striking, Topuria poses a significant threat to Volkanovski’s title reign. His ability to blend striking with grappling makes him a difficult opponent, capable of engaging the champion across all facets of MMA.

This championship bout is not just a test of physical skill but a battle of intelligence and tactics. Volkanovski’s experience at the championship level, coupled with his adaptability, makes him a formidable force. Yet, Topuria’s raw talent and flawless rise through the ranks suggest a fighter on the verge of greatness, ready to take the next step. As these two athletes prepare to collide, fans can expect a tactical duel that tests the limits of both fighters’ abilities.

I expect this fight to be closely contested and to last all five rounds. Ultimately, I believe Volkanovski is still in his prime and the superior fighter. His recent loss to Islam Makhachev was a tactical error, resulting from his decision to face the 155lb champion on short notice. Volkanovski has faced skepticism from critics and analysts questioning his ability to continue competing at a high level, suggesting he might be old and past his prime. However, I am confident that Volkanovski will deliver a focused performance and secure a decision victory, reaffirming his status as the world’s best featherweight

Rollo’s Prediction: Volkanovski over Topuiria by unanimous decision

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