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Where Do the Miami Hurricanes Rank Statistically Entering Week 9?



In college football, each team undergoes scrutiny not just for its win-loss record but also for its performance across various statistical categories. In this thorough analysis, I have taken the time to delve into the Miami Hurricanes’ performance throughout their first seven games in 2023. This involves breaking down their offensive, defensive, and special teams statistics to see where Miami stacks up in the nation and within their own conference in the ACC. This will help fans or readers to gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as identify areas that require improvement as they progress as a team following a 5-2 start this season.

*** If you are looking for a streamlined version directly to the statistic rankings, I have created statistic tables at the end of all the text written below. ***

Miami Has a Lot of Potential, but They Need to Get Out of Their Own Way to Take the Next Step as a Program:

The Hurricanes have had their share of highs and lows during the season, but the factors that have held them back more than anything else have been costly turnovers and bone-headed penalties. Would have, could have, and hypotheticals can be spoken about ad nauseam, but it is reality now. They’ve committed a total of 51 penalties as a team, which ranks them 102nd in the nation and 12th in the ACC. Their average of 7.29 penalties per game places them 112th in the nation and 12th in the ACC. In terms of turnover margin, Miami ranks 75th nationally and is tied for 12th in the ACC, with a margin of -0.14.

Offensive Performance:

Miami’s offense has been impressive in several aspects. They’ve managed to convert 38 out of 81 third-down attempts, boasting a conversion rate of 46.9%. This statistic places them 17th in the country and second in the ACC, trailing only the North Carolina Tar Heels. The Hurricanes have also been effective on fourth downs, converting 5 out of 9 attempts for a rate of 55.6%, which ranks them fourth in the ACC and 25th nationally. Miami’s offense has successfully secured 168 first downs, ranking 15th nationally and 3rd in the ACC. The Hurricanes have also been fairly efficient in the red zone, with a conversion rate of 87.9%, which ranks 31st nationally and 5th in the ACC. However, the team has faced several challenges when it comes to ball security, losing six fumbles and throwing seven interceptions, ranking 105th and 78th in the nation, respectively.

Quarterbacks Tyler Van Dyke and freshman Emory Williams have achieved a remarkable collective completion rate of 71.1%, which places them 9th in the nation and 1st in the ACC. Miami’s passing game has been a significant contributor to their offensive success, ranking 24th in the nation with an average of 288.0 passing yards per game. The Hurricanes’ passing efficiency remains impressive, ranking 15th in the nation and 1st in the ACC at 162.26. Their yards per pass completion stands at 12.22, which is the 59th best in the country and 11th in the ACC, which means Miami’s receivers have done a great job at creating yards after catch plays on the field. The team’s offensive line has excelled in pass protection, conceding only 1.14 sacks per game, a statistic that ranks them 8th in the nation and 3rd in the ACC.

When it comes to rushing, Miami’s offense has performed very well, averaging 193.9 yards per game, which ranks them 22th in the nation and 3rd in the ACC. Their yards per carry average of 5.43 is even more impressive, ranking 11th in the nation and 2nd in the ACC. Miami’s offense concedes an average of 4.86 tackles for loss per game, ranking them 19th in the nation and 5th in the ACC.

In terms of scoring, Miami’s offense averages 36.3 points per game, which places them 13th in the country and 2nd in the ACC behind Florida State. They also control the time of possession extremely effectively, tying for 2nd in the country and 1st in the ACC, with an average of 33 minutes per game. The Hurricanes’ total offensive yardage averages 481.9 yards per game, positioning them 10th in the nation and 2nd in the ACC, trailing North Carolina.

Furthermore, their 7.0 yards per play average ranks them 8th in the country and 1st in the ACC. Once again though the downside, Miami’s offense has turned the ball over 13 times, tying them for 98th in the nation and last in the ACC, alongside Clemson and Georgia Tech. That has to change if Miami wants to maximize their explosiveness on offense.

Defensive Performance:

Switching our focus to the defensive side of the ball, Miami’s defense has revealed both strengths and areas for improvement. The Hurricanes’ defense has allowed opposing teams to convert 35 out of 98 third-down attempts in 2023, with a conversion rate of 35.7%. This statistic places them sixth in the ACC and 45th in the country. In contrast, their fourth-down defense is the most dominant in both the ACC and the entire country, allowing only 1 conversion out of 9 attempts, with a conversion rate of 11.1%.

In the red zone, Miami’s defense ranks 47th in the country and 8th in the ACC, with a conversion rate of 79.2% for opposing teams, however, Miami has yet to score a touchdown off a turnover this season, which its fans would say is uncharacteristic for a Miami Hurricanes defense. Their defense has conceded 112 first downs, a very good mark, in fact, which ranks 13th nationally and ties them for 2nd in the ACC with Louisville. In terms of creating turnovers, the defense has recovered five fumbles, ranking 30th nationally and 4th in the ACC. The defense has also intercepted seven passes, tying them for 7th in the country and 5th in the ACC.

When it comes to pass defense, Miami allows an average of 234 passing yards per game, ranking 73rd in the nation and 11th in the ACC, which largely has been attributed to miscommunications between their safeties and cornerbacks on deep passes and a need for improvement in coverage responsibilities inside the hashes and over the middle of the field that has been exploited by both North Carolina and Clemson in recent games. Although their defensive passing efficiency ranks 39th nationally and 6th in the ACC with a rating of 122.97. In contrast, the Hurricanes’ rush defense has been formidable, allowing only 79.6 rushing yards per game, ranking them 7th in the country and 1st in the ACC.

Overall, Miami’s defense allows an average of 19.14 points per game, positioning them 25th in the country and 3rd in the ACC. They share the top spot in the ACC, along with Pittsburgh and Virginia Tech, in sacks per game with 3.14, which is also tied for 6th in the nation. Additionally, they are tied for 1st in the ACC with Clemson and 7th in the nation in tackles for loss per game at 7.6.

The Hurricanes’ defense allows 313.6 total yards per game, ranking them 20th in the nation and 2nd in the ACC, behind only Clemson. Their yards per play average of 5.07 places them 13th in the country and 3rd in the ACC, trailing Pittsburgh and Duke. In terms of creating turnovers, Miami’s defense has managed to force 12 turnovers, tying them for 7th in the country and 2nd in the ACC, alongside Clemson, NC State, and Syracuse.

Special Teams Performance:

When it comes to special teams, Miami has produced a bit of mixed results during the 2023 season. The Hurricanes have yet to block a kick this season, but they’ve allowed one blocked kick. Similarly, they haven’t blocked a punt this season but have allowed one blocked punt.

On kickoff returns, Miami’s special teams unit has held opposing returners to an average of 19.09 yards per return, ranking 54th in the country. Their own kickoff return unit, however, is very impressive, averaging 27.87 yards per return, which ranks 7th nationally and 1st in the ACC.

In the punting game, Miami’s special teams unit maintains a net punting average of 39.15 yards, ranking 64th in the country and 7th in the ACC. Where they excel is in punt return coverage, allowing only 3.25 yards per return, which ranks 21st in the nation and 4th in the ACC. On the flip side, their punt return unit has averaged 5.12 yards per return, which ranks 80th in the nation and 11th in the ACC. The need to find an explosive playmaker at this spot could be resolved with freshman wide receiver Nathaniel “Ray Ray” Joseph Jr.’s recent promotion as the Hurricanes’ new punt returner.

Offensive Rankings

Offensive CategoryStatisticOverall RankACC Rank
Time of Possession33 minutes per gameT-2nd overall1st in the ACC
Offensive Yards Per Play7.0 offensive yards per play8th overall1st in the ACC
Sacks Allowed Per Game1.14 sacks allowed per gameT-8th overall3rd in the ACC (behind Georgia Tech and Duke)
Passing Completion Percentage165/232 – 71.1% completion percentage9th overall1st in the ACC
Offensive Yards Per Game481.9 offensive yards per game10th overall2nd in the ACC (behind North Carolina)
Rushing Yards Per Carry5.43 rushing yards per carry11th overall2nd in the ACC (behind Duke)
Offensive Points Per Game36.3 points per gameT-13th overall2nd in the ACC (behind Florida State)
Passing Efficiency162.26 pass efficiency rating15th overall1st in the ACC
First-Down Conversions168 first downs – 89 passes for first down, 66 runs for first down, and 13 penalties for first downT-15th overall3rd in the ACC (behind Clemson and North Carolina)
Third-Down Attempts38/81 – 46.9% conversion rate17th overall2nd in the ACC (behind North Carolina)
Tackles For Loss Allowed Per Game4.86 tackles for loss allowed per gameT-19th overall5th in the ACC
Rushing Yards Per Game193.9 rushing yards per game20th overall3rd in the ACC (behind Duke and Boston College)
Passing Yards Per Game288.0 passing yards per game24th overall2nd in the ACC (behind North Carolina)
Fourth-Down Attempts5/9 – 55.6% conversion rateT-25th overall4th in the ACC
Red Zone Offense29/33 – 87.9% conversion rateT-31st overall5th in the ACC
Yards Per Pass Completion12.22 yards per pass completion59th overall11th in the ACC
Interceptions Thrown7 interceptions thrownT-78th overallT-9th in the ACC (tied with Syracuse)
Total Offensive Turnovers13 offensive turnoversT-98th overallT-14th in the ACC (tied for last with Clemson and Georgia Tech)
Fumbles Lost6 fumbles lostT-105th overall12th in the ACC

Defensive Rankings

Defensive CategoryStatisticOverall RankACC Rank
Fourth-Down Defense1/9 – 11.1% conversion rate1st overall1st in the ACC
Sacks Per Game3.14 sacks per game6th overallT-1st in the ACC (with NC State, Pittsburgh, and Virginia Tech)
Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game79.6 rushing yards per game7th overall1st in the ACC
Tackles For Loss Per Game7.6 tackles for loss per game7th overallT-1st in the ACC (with Clemson)
Total Defensive Turnovers12 turnovers7th overallT-2nd in the ACC (with Clemson, NC State, and Syracuse)
Interceptions7 intercepted passes7th overall5th in the ACC
First-Down Conversions112 first downs allowed13th overallT-2nd in the ACC (with Louisville, and behind Clemson)
Yards Per Play Allowed5.07 yards per play allowed average13th overall3rd in the ACC (behind Pittsburgh and Duke)
Total Yards Allowed Per Game313.6 total yards allowed per game20th overall2nd in the ACC (behind Clemson)
Points Allowed Per Game19.14 points allowed per game25th overall3rd in the ACC
Fumbles Recovered5 fumble recoveries30th overall4th in the ACC
Pass Defense Efficiency122.97 pass defense efficiency rating39th overall6th in the ACC
Third-Down Conversions35/98 – 35.7% conversion rate45th overall6th in the ACC
Red Zone Defense-79.2% conversion rate47th overall8th in the ACC
Passing Yards Allowed Per Game234 passing yards allowed per game73rd overall11th in the ACC
Defensive Touchdowns0 defensive touchdownsT-84th overallT-8th in the ACC

Special Teams Rankings

Special Teams CategoryStatisticOverall RankACC Rank
Average Yards Per Kickoff Return27.87 yards per kickoff return7th overall1st in the ACC
Kickoff Return Touchdowns1 kickoff return touchdownT-3 overallT-1st in the ACC (with Florida State, NC State, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest)
Average Yards Allowed Per Opposing Punt Return3.25 yards allowed per punt return21st overall4th in the ACC
Punt Return Touchdowns0 punt return touchdownsT-23rd overallT-2nd in the ACC (behind North Carolina)
Blocked Punts0 blocked puntsT-41st overallT-3rd in the ACC
Average Yards Allowed Per Opposing Kickoff Return19.09 yards per kickoff return allowed54th overall5th in the ACC
Net Punting Average39.15 yards net punting average64th overall7th in the ACC
Blocked Kicks Allowed1 blocked kick allowedT-66th overallT-10th in the ACC
Blocked Kicks0 blocked kicksT-78th overallT-5th in the ACC
Average Yards Per Punt Return5.12 yards per punt return80th overall11th in the ACC
Blocked Punts Allowed1 blocked punt allowedT-95th overallT-12th in the ACC (with Virginia)

Team Rankings

Team CategoryStatisticOverall RankACC Rank
Turnover Margin-0.14 turnover marginT-75th overallT-12th in the ACC
Total Penalties51 penalties – 513 penalty yardsT-102nd overall12th in the ACC
Penalties Per Game7.29 average penalties per gameT-112th overall12th in the ACC