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Transfer Breakdown: Dyoni Hill



Credit:Canes Football

The Miami Hurricanes have secured the transfer of cornerback Dyoni Hill from Marshall and have significantly strengthened their defensive backfield. Hill, a Gainesville, FL native, stands at 6 feet made a notable impact during the 2023 season with 55 tackles, 11 pass deflections, and one interception.

Hill’s addition reunites him with cornerbacks coach Chevis Jackson and defensive coordinator Lance Guidry, under whose systems he has previously thrived. The implications of acquiring Hill are significant. He provides the team with the flexibility to shift Powell, who has predominantly played nickel at Washington, to a starting safety role alongside either Jaden Harris or Richard. Daryl Porter Jr. and Damari Brown are projected to be Miami’s starting outside corners, indicating a reshuffled and potent lineup.

Hill’s skills in the field extends beyond coverage; he is a seasoned run defender. Cornerback guru Memnon (formerly Liberty City El) from CanesInsight shared insights into Hill’s technical capabilities:

Had a good coverage grade with his best games being against, NC ST, Old Dominion, App ST, JMU, G-ST, G-Southern & Ark ST. He’s also very good against the run with an exceptionally high 80+ percentile run defender grade as a CB. Which means he did very well coming up in run support & laying a hat on somebody & from watching his games, he was most of the time in pursuit from the Boundary side, which means most of those tackles in run support were effort plays on back side cutbacks. From a technical aspect, he displayed advanced level technique & awareness for a kid starting his first season. He does a really a good job utilizing his one/two-hand jam to keep his man in front of him & stifle routes. He completely disrupts the rhythm & timing of the release in order to intercede the stem while reshuffling his feet to break on the ball.”
“Another thing he does really well is play with outside leverage. He walls the WR & presses to the inside hip to once again slow down & re-route before the stem not allowing for the WR to stack them and get up field. And in the instances where he has to play to towards the outside shoulder of the WR coming over top he displays active hands making a play on the ball while not being grabby.”

Hill’s arrival fills a crucial gap and enhances the Hurricanes’ ability to contest more aggressively in the secondary. As Miami continues to build its roster through the spring portal window, expectations are high that Hill’s inclusion will significantly boost the team’s passing defense this upcoming season. I also expect that Miami will try to add at least one more cornerback as there are several options that they are continuing to explore. Stay tuned.

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