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Ricky Knight III Details Miami Official Visit Ahead of Looming Commitment



Photo Credit: @Knight6Ricky // Twitter

Class of 2024 cornerback Ricky Knight III is set to announce his collegiate commitment on July 1. Illinois, Florida State and Miami are the finalists. Knight officially visited each of these three schools, with his trip to Coral Gables being the most recent one from June 23-25.

While Knight has already visited Miami multiple times, there was an original flare to his official visit at UM.

“Some of the stuff they were talking about I kind of already knew already, but I definitely learned a few new things that a lot of schools never even mentioned,” Knight told LifeWallet Sports. “It was easy to connect with the players because we’re all from basically the same area. We’re all from South Florida.”

Knight mentioned that he learned more about “the mental side” on his Miami visit. He said that his favorite part was hanging out with the players.

The message to Knight from Miami’s coaches has stayed the same throughout his recruitment: he’s a priority for them. 

“They always just let me know that they want me there and they’re very serious about me and it definitely shows,” Knight said.

Knight also noted that Miami commits Judd Anderson and Juan Minaya were trying to recruit him to UM throughout the weekend, as those players were also on their respective official visits to Miami.

Knight’s visit to Florida State, which was from June 16-18, was full of “fun and excitement.”

“We had a lot of events and activities we did. I think my favorite was probably the cooking contest. I didn’t know how I was going to do but I ended up doing well,” said Knight, who prepared a shrimp and chicken alfredo during the contest. “I was able to hang out with some of the players and the recruits and we all had a good time.”

More details will soon be released about his July 1 commitment, according to Knight in a Twitter post on Monday night.

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