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Report: Messi to Retire in 2025



Credit: @ManagingBarca Twitter

In the world of soccer, the name Lionel Messi has become synonymous with greatness. For over two decades, the Argentine maestro has graced the footballing stage, weaving his magic on the hallowed grounds of Futbol stadiums across the world. However, recent developments suggest that Messi’s illustrious career may be hurtling toward a dramatic conclusion.

According to a recent report from El Nacional, the footballing icon is poised to hang up his boots in 2025. But what makes this potential retirement all the more intriguing is Messi’s unconventional choice for his farewell tour. He’s not planning to bid adieu with Barcelona, the club where he etched his name into the annals of footballing history; instead, he intends to close the curtain on his career with Newell’s Old Boys, the first professional club he ever joined.

The announcement sent shockwaves through the footballing world, and understandably so. Messi’s bond with Barcelona has been unbreakable, with countless records shattered and silverware hoarded during his tenure. Yet, the allure of returning to his roots in Rosario, Argentina, seems to have captured his heart. It’s a fitting tribute to the club that nurtured his prodigious talent.

But Messi’s impact on the footballing landscape extends far beyond his playing days in Europe. His move to Major League Soccer (MLS) marked a seismic shift in the sport’s dynamics in North America. Since leaving behind Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Messi has taken the MLS by storm, creating a whirlwind of excitement and enthusiasm.

Ticket sales have surged to unprecedented heights, with an astonishing 1000% increase in MLS match attendance since Messi’s arrival. The stadium atmosphere has been electrifying, as fans across the United States clamor to witness the legendary forward in action. In particular, Inter Miami CF, the team that secured Messi’s services, has witnessed a meteoric rise in popularity, with their Instagram following skyrocketing by a staggering 14 times its initial numbers.

What’s even more remarkable is Messi’s role as a trendsetter, actively enticing other European stars to make the leap across the pond. Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets, two stalwarts of his Barcelona era, have already joined him in Miami, adding to the growing allure of the MLS.

As we contemplate the possibility of Messi’s retirement in 2025, it raises a fascinating question: Is the resurgence of MLS a short-term phenomenon or the beginning of a lasting trend? Will top-tier players continue to forsake the European giants to compete in the United States? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: Messi’s influence on the MLS is profound, and his presence is transforming the league into a global powerhouse.

As the sun sets on Lionel Messi’s historic career, there is no doubt that he will continue to leave an indelible mark on the pitch and in the hearts and minds of fans worldwide, one that transcends borders and unites us all in the beautiful game.

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