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Rangers Sweep Marlins, Exposing the Fish as Pretenders



Credit: Rangers Twitter Page

The Miami Marlins were handed a crushing defeat as they were swept by the Texas Rangers in a three-game series this past weekend. The Marlins’ pitching woes were evident from the outset, allowing the Rangers to score a staggering 21 runs over the course of the series.

The once-promising Fish, who were at one time riding high with a 14-game lead above .500 before the All-Star break, have hit a rough patch with only one road victory since the end of June. Their record has now dipped to just three games above .500, highlighting the struggles they’ve faced in recent weeks.

One silver lining in an otherwise challenging season has been the performance of Eury Perez. Despite his talents, the Marlins have taken a cautious approach, allowing Perez to rest since the All-Star break in order to avoid overexertion. Encouraging news for fans emerged as Craig Mish reported that Perez is set to make his return on Monday night against the Cincinnati Reds, adding a glimmer of hope to the Marlins’ pitching rotation.

Speaking of the Reds, they stand at a respectable 59-58 on the year, presenting another formidable challenge for the Marlins as they seek to regain their momentum. While the Marlins displayed a strong surge prior to the All-Star break, their inconsistencies with scoring and bullpen management have been apparent since the beginning of the season.

Even Sandy Alcantara wasn’t enough to stem the tide against the Rangers. Although he has shown signs of improvement, Alcantara has yet to consistently deliver the caliber of performances expected of a Cy Young winner. The Marlins find themselves in a competitive race for the wild card spot, trailing the Phillies, Giants, Reds, and Cubs by a slim margin.

Despite the potential for a playoff berth, concerns loom over the Marlins’ ability to contend with top-tier teams. The Braves, Phillies, and Rangers have demonstrated a level of consistent play that the Marlins have yet to unlock. The upcoming series against the Reds carries significant weight, potentially offering the Marlins a shot at the third wild card spot. The outcome of this pivotal series could determine whether the Marlins maintain their slim chance of making the playoffs this season.

While progress has been made when compared to the previous year, the Marlins still have work ahead of them. A solid body of work and four months of baseball showcase their grit and determination, but the team’s flaws are evident, and they are not yet ready to stand toe-to-toe with the league’s elite. As of now the Fish are far from contenders, they are a good team that is improving, but with fatal flaws that need to be addressed this offseason.

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