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Neimann Lawrence Q&A: Miami Offer and More Ahead of Varsity Debut



Photo Credit: Courtesy of Neimann Lawrence

LifeWallet Sports interviewed 2028 Ransom Everglades (Fla.) quarterback Neimann Lawrence and discussed his offer in June from Miami, his conversation with Hurricanes head coach Mario Cristobal and what he’s like as a player ahead of his first season of varsity football.

Here are some lightly-edited highlights from the conversation.

Chaney: How does it feel to get an offer from a school like Miami at such a young age?

Lawrence: It feels really great. Miami, being my hometown, has been the first offer. Them recognizing my talents and my hard work at such an early age, it’s truly special. And like just meeting Coach Cristobal and having that conversation with them, just all a great experience.

Chaney: So how did that offer come about?

Lawrence: So there was a middle school camp that they sent my mom an email for me to come. I attended the middle school camp, and I guess I just impressed all the coaches. Then the offensive coordinator, he told me to stay behind for 15 minutes just to throw a couple more routes to get some extra work to see, I guess as like an extra evaluation period. And then after that, they just called me to [Cristobal’s] office and then we had a conversation with my parents and that’s how it went.

Chaney: So it was it was Coach Cristobal that gave you the offer?

Lawrence: Yes.

Chaney: And just what were your impressions of him when you had the chance to speak to him?

Lawrence: I’m just looking into all the coaches’ eyes in the room. [I] felt great energy and just the passion in between, just like the words and how they were speaking, it felt unreal. It was like, very surprising.

Chaney: Were you surprised at all when you got the offer or did you kind of see it coming?

Lawrence: Walking into it, that was like my main goal. Well, my main goal was just to compete, have fun. But like, that was just like a bonus. So going into it, I was thinking about it, but in my head, ‘I’m like, I’m still an eighth grader so I still have a bunch of time, and like, I probably won’t get this offer this early. So like, just going through it, I’m just working hard and just trying my best.

Chaney: How does that feel to know that you’re going to get that experience, that varsity-level experience, as just an eighth grader?

Lawrence: Once again, just another like level of coaches, just recognizing my talent and just giving me a great opportunity to put myself on that platform at such an early age.

Chaney: And just to kind of talk a little bit about yourself as a player, just what do you think are your main strengths right now?

Lawrence: I think I’m very poised in the pocket and not really under pressure. Like even when there is pressure coming, I’m just real calm and collected, just going through reads and able to make any throw on the field and use my legs whenever I’m needed to.

Chaney: And then what are some of the things that you’re really trying to improve on as you now transition to the high school level?

Lawrence: In youth league, I didn’t really use my legs a lot, so people didn’t know that I was able to like run and be mobile, but I actually am. So hopefully on this high school level, I’ll be able to show those people what I can really do with my legs and my arm.

Chaney: Yeah, I’m excited to see it, man. So would you consider yourself more of a dual-threat guy?
Lawrence: I wouldn’t say I’m a dual threat just yet. Just because I haven’t shown the people what I’ve done with my legs, so I wouldn’t be classified as a dual threat just yet. Right now, just more of a pro style. And then when I show them, then I’ll be a true dual threat.

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