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Miami Freedom Park: New Inter Miami CF Stadium to Open in 2025



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Inter Miami CF has officially initiated the construction of Miami Freedom Park, marking a significant step forward in the project’s timeline. This sprawling 131-acre development, featuring a state-of-the-art 25,000-seat fútbol-specific stadium, is set to become a focal point of excitement and entertainment for both residents and visitors to Miami. Anticipation is building as the grand opening is scheduled for the year 2025, with an official groundbreaking ceremony slated for later this year.

The brainchild of Jorge Mas, Inter Miami CF’s Managing Owner, Miami Freedom Park is destined to redefine the landscape of American soccer and leisure destinations. The project is privately funded and not only promises a world-class stadium but also boasts a massive 58-acre public park, making it the largest of its kind in Miami. Beyond this, the development includes soccer and youth athletic fields, as well as a diverse array of entertainment and commercial offerings, such as office spaces, hotels, shops, restaurants, and other attractions. In short, Miami Freedom Park is poised to emerge as a year-round haven for families seeking memorable experiences.

Mas, an advocate for transformational change in American soccer, expressed his excitement, saying, “With Inter Miami, my family set out to build something truly transformational. In just four years, we have changed the perception worldwide of American soccer. As we commence construction of Miami Freedom Park, that same vision guides us. In creating a multi-faceted space, we will set a new standard of what sport complexes can be. We look forward to delivering a food and entertainment destination for families to enjoy year-round. I can’t wait to welcome our fans to our state-of-the-art stadium and hear the chants as Messi and your Inter Miami players take the pitch for the first time in 2025.”

Construction crews and heavy machinery are already on-site, diligently performing earthwork and sitework that will span across the vast 131 acres. This multi-phase endeavor will witness the rapid progression of the stadium, public park, entertainment venues, hospitality services, retail spaces, and new infrastructure that collectively constitute the first phase of Miami Freedom Park. It’s worth noting that the lease and redevelopment plan for the former Melreese Country Club, where the park is situated, were previously approved by voters and the City of Miami Commission.

Efforts are underway to secure commercial partnerships and leases that will attract top-tier partners, tenants, and retailers. This includes both established brands and emerging companies that will contribute to the park’s iconic status as a premier Miami destination.

Earlier this year, Inter Miami CF welcomed seasoned megaproject and sports-anchored real estate investment and development expert, Devon McCorkle, as President of Miami Freedom Park. Under his leadership, an exceptional team of design, engineering, project management, and construction firms has been assembled to drive Miami Freedom Park to this pivotal milestone.

McCorkle commented on the project’s growing interest, saying, “The level of attention and the influx of inquiries we are receiving have been incredible, a testament to the positive impact of Lionel Messi on Inter Miami CF and the City of Miami. Everyone wants to be part of what we’re creating, a new entertainment district that will be the centerpiece of family activities and experiences in Miami. We are in discussions with stadium sponsors, hotel brands, major attractions operators, restaurant groups, cultural institutions, and many other exciting potential partners. We will deliver an incredible home for them at Miami Freedom Park.”

The illustrious team behind Miami Freedom Park includes renowned Miami-based architecture firm Arquitectonica, global arena and stadia design firm Manica, and industry-leading large-scale stadium project managers CAA Icon.

As the 2025 opening date approaches, Miami Freedom Park will continue to evolve, with plans for additional phases encompassing retail, hotels, and commercial developments set to extend through 2030. This ambitious endeavor promises to redefine Miami’s entertainment landscape and solidify the city’s status as a hub for sports and leisure enthusiasts alike.



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