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Marlins Losing Streak Extends to Six Games



Credit: Marlins

The Miami Marlins are facing a tough times as they find themselves in a six-game losing streak after being swept by the St. Louis Cardinals in a three-game series just days after losing three in a row to Baltimore. The main concern plaguing the Fish is their offensive struggles, particularly in situational hitting, leading to empty hits and a lack of scoring when it matters most.

During the series against the Cardinals, the Marlins had a commendable 35 hits, outdoing their opponents in that department by seven hits. However, despite the hitting advantage, they were outscored significantly, with the Cardinals tallying 17 runs against Miami’s 10. The real issue arose when the Marlins had runners in scoring position, as they could only manage a dismal 6-33 in the series. In the final two games, the Fish were only able to muster three hits with runners in scoring position going 1-14 and 2-14 respectively.

Another reason contributing to the Marlins’ recent struggles has been their bullpen’s inability to hold leads and preserve strong pitching performances. In the first game of the series, the Fish lost 6-4 in part because Dylan Floro gave up three runs and four hits in the sixth inning, ultimately leading to a Cardinals victory. Similarly, in the second game, Edward Cabrera pitched an impressive five innings, conceding only one earned run, but the offense couldn’t capitalize, and the Cardinals eventually sealed the game with a walk-off three-run shot by Nolan Arenado in extra innings as the Cardinals won 5-2.

Moreover, Miami has had difficulty holding onto leads, allowing opponents to come back from early deficits. In the series’ final game, the Cardinals managed to score four runs off Sandy Alcantara in the first inning, putting the Marlins in a challenging position from the get-go. Although they managed to score four runs in response, St. Louis added two more and secured the win and once again defeated Miami 6-4.

With their six-game losing streak, the Marlins have slipped in both the NL East standings and the Wild Card race. Just six games ago, they had the second-best record in the National League and were comfortably leading the Wild Card race. However, their recent slump has pushed them to third place in the NL East, trailing the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies. They now find themselves just a percentage point away from the Wild Card race.

As they prepare to face the Colorado Rockies, who are struggling with a 37-59 record and are 22 games below .500, the Marlins have a chance to turn their fortunes around. Sending Braxton Garrett, who boasts a 5-2 record and a 3.90 ERA, to the mound might be the spark they need to end their losing streak. The Marlins must focus on situational hitting, converting their hits into runs, and taking advantage of opportunities with runners in scoring position. Additionally, their bullpen needs to step up and support their strong starting pitching performances to prevent late-game collapses.

It’s a crucial time for the Marlins, and their response to this challenging period will determine their fate in the National League standings. With a talented roster and the right adjustments, they have the potential to break out of their slump and regain their position in the race for the playoffs. Marlins fans are hoping that the team will rally together and return to their winning ways as they take on the Rockies with the hope that taking the series will be the catalyst to get back to their winning ways.

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