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Lo Pro Takes Down Raw Miami to Repeat as OT7 Champions



KJ Duff at Austin OT7 courtesy @LionsDenAthletes

They say everything is bigger in Texas and that certainly held true for the OT7 South Championship in Austin, Texas. The stars were out both on and off field as Deestroying, Evan Stewart, and many other big-time names showed up to watch some of the best high school football players in the country put on a show. Eighteen of the best teams in the nation competed in an invite only tournament that featured over one hundred four- and five-star prospects from the 2024 and 2025 class.

The matchups really started to heat up in the quarterfinals as big-time rivals Trillion Boys and Team Raw faced off in a controversial battle. A chippy game with many debatable calls and non-calls was sent to overtime with a late touchdown by the Trillion Boys that tied the game at 26. Trillion Boys scored first in OT but didn’t get the extra point, which meant that a touchdown and an extra point by Raw would send them to the semifinals. After a holding penalty and a personal foul on Trillion Boys, Raw quarterback Antonio Smith found tournament MVP KJ Duff for the game tying touchdown and then again for the game winning extra point to help Raw advance to the semifinals against Heat 7v7. This was the second time this year that Raw has sent Trillion Boys home from a tournament. Miami Raw went on to defeat Mississippi based Heat 7v7 by a score of 34-23 to advance to the finals.

On the opposite side of the bracket, Lo Pro, short for “Low Prospects”, dominated its competition. Lo Pro, despite having the least talented roster on paper, if you’re looking at recruiting rankings, has become a force in 7v7. Their timing, continuity, and communication is something that is nearly impossible to replicate by other 7v7 teams that don’t practice and play together nearly as much. After winning the OT7 West Final in Phoenix the week before, they defeated every opponent by double digits on their way to a championship matchup with Raw.

Raw and Lo Pro were two of the favorites coming in, both coming off of tournament victories in the weeks before, which created a much anticipated final between two of the hottest teams on the 7v7 circuit. Raw got off to a quick start by getting an interception on the first play of the game, followed by a deep touchdown to give them a 10-0 lead minutes into the game, but Lo Pro was not shaken. Lo Pro’s quarterback settled in and moved their offense down the field with incredible timing and precision when their defense took over and baited Raw into throwing 3 interceptions. In an explosive, high scoring final, Lo Pro took home their second straight OT7 championship with a 45-34 win over Raw.

Raw will be looking for revenge in the next OT7 event as the OT7 East Championship takes place in their home state of Florida on April 15th. The huge event in Orlando will likely get going with a massive rematch between Raw and the Trillion Boys following their highly contested and controversial game in Austin. Other top South Florida teams including South Florida Express and Defcon will be part of the show as well, in what could be the most talented tournament of the year. Try to make it out to Orlando that weekend as it will certainly be a tournament you won’t want to miss.