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Key Takeaways: Day Three of Fall Camp Practice for Miami Hurricanes Football Team



Wide Receiver - Jacolby George | Photo Credit: University of Miami Athletics

As the Miami Hurricanes football team enters the third day of Fall camp practice, the players are starting to get into the groove of things. With only 28 days left until kickoff at Hard Rock Stadium, the team is eager to fine-tune their skills and showcase their talent on the field.

One notable development during today’s practice was the introduction of shoulder pads for the first time. The players were excited to gear up and add a layer of physicality to their training sessions. The media was given a viewing portion of practice today, and it provided some insights into the performance of multiple position groups.

The morning session had its ups and downs for the quarterbacks and wide receivers. However, as the practice progressed, they seemed to find their rhythm and ended on a positive note. The quarterbacks focused primarily on short-to-intermediate throws, aiming to fine-tune their accuracy and timing with the receiving corps.

Tyler was his usual self, consistent. Jacurri Brown displayed improved accuracy on short-to-intermediate throws during the QB-WR drills compared to the previous day’s practice. Emory Williams also caught the attention of onlookers with his consistent and impressive showing since camp opened on August 1st.

During the practice, tight end Elijah Arroyo was seen working off to the side with other players who were held out for precautionary reasons. Nevertheless, freshman tight end Riley Williams continued to impress, positioning himself as a strong contender for playing time this season, potentially leaping second-year tight end Jaleel Skinner as the third tight end. His natural ability to run routes as an outside receiver makes him a valuable asset to the team.

When it comes to the offensive lineup, the first players to come out for offensive drills with quarterback Tyler were Henry Parrish Jr. at running back, Colbie Young, Xavier Restrepo, and Jacolby George at wide receiver, and Cam McCormick at tight end. Brashard Smith was back working with the second team after Nathaniel ‘Ray Ray’ Joseph Jr. received reps with the second team during Wednesday’s practice.

Another player that caught our eye was freshman running back Mark Fletcher Jr., who showcased exceptional catching skills out of the backfield. It appears natural for him, and he doesn’t fight the ball; he may have the best hands in the running backs room.

The offensive line also had its share of standout performers. Anez Cooper, the second-year offensive guard, displayed a remarkable transformation in physique since his arrival last year, shedding weight to enhance his performance. On the other hand, offensive tackle Matt McCoy had put on considerable muscle since last season; he had great reps today against the pass rush. Additionally, freshman offensive tackle Samson Okunlola displayed remarkable progress, making notable strides since the spring.

Turning to the defensive side of the ball, Nyjalik Kelly and Akheem Mesidor continued to impress as the starting defensive ends. Alongside them, Leonard Taylor III and Branson Deen showed their prowess at the defensive tackle position, with Deen’s explosive performance standing out during tackle and pursuit drills. The second-team group was comprised of Jahfari Harvey and Chantz Williams at defensive end, and Jared Harrison-Hunte and Jacob Lichtenstein on the interior defensive line. Freshman defensive end Jayden Wayne is impressively built physically, considering that he’s a first-year player who missed most of the spring recovering from an injury.

Among the linebackers, Raul “Popo” Aguirre, Wesley Bissainthe, Malik Bryant, and K.J. Cloyd were particularly impressive during block shedding drills against the offensive line. However, offensive center Matt Lee got his revenge on Malik Bryant from day two, stonewalling him on a pass rush drill, but Bryant bounced back and won multiple reps after. Bryant and Chase Smith are working at middle linebacker behind first-teamer Francisco Mauigoa and second-teamer Corey Flagg Jr., in addition to freshman Bobby Washington Jr. cross-training at middle linebacker. Transfer linebacker K.J. Cloyd and freshman Marcellius Pulliam were both taking first-team reps alongside Francisco Mauigoa this morning at linebacker.

In the defensive backfield, Jadais Richard had the opportunity to work with the first-team defense today at the nickel/star position, further showcasing the depth and versatility of the unit. Jaden Harris’s agility and speed during drills with the safeties were very impressive; he is a strong contender to emerge for the third safety spot behind Kamren Kinchens and James Williams this season. We have been told by a source that Harris is the fastest in the safeties’ room, and it was evident today.

Speaking of James Williams, he has visibly transformed his physique since last season, dedicating himself to the weight room.

During practice, the coaching staff was actively involved in guiding the players, as usual, but specifically, defensive backs coach Jahmile Addae worked on pursuit drills with the safeties, while defensive coordinator Lance Guidry focused on catching drills with the same group.

Finally, a word of caution about depth chart tweaks at this stage of camp. The coaching staff is mixing things up, giving various players opportunities to face off against the first and second-team units, so it’s essential not to read too much into any temporary lineup adjustments.



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