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Key Takeaways and Observations from Week Two of Miami Hurricanes Football Fall Camp



The Miami Hurricanes football team entered the second week of its fall camp with anticipation building for the open practice at Hard Rock Stadium for CanesFest on Saturday. With position battles becoming more intense, the team focused on refining their gameplay and assessing player performances during practice sessions six and seven, in addition to Sunday’s practice, which was closed to the media. Here’s a breakdown of the key observations and insights from this week.


Offensive lineman Zion Nelson participated in practice with full pads for the first time on Wednesday. His progression indicates an increasing chance he could play soon.

Elijah Arroyo was also in full pads. Head coach Mario Cristobal’s approach to managing his practice involvement was detailed, involving monitoring Arroyo’s reps ahead of the season.

While we can’t report on injuries to players specifically, we can say that Miami is in great shape in terms of health, without any significant injuries to starters so far in camp. The absence of major injuries this close to the season opener bodes well for the team’s preparedness.

Freshman wide receiver Nathaniel Joseph showcased his versatility by earning reps with the first group in wide receiver drills. His ability to seamlessly transition between different roles, including the slot and outside positions, adds a dynamic element to the offensive strategy. He’s someone to keep a very close eye on as a strong candidate to be a first-year impact player on offense.

Tyler Harrell’s rotation within the first team on the outside of the wide receiver unit with Jacolby George indicates coach Shannon Dawson’s exploration of different combinations to optimize offensive output.

The rearrangement of the receiver lineup saw Frank Ladson Jr. moving behind Colbie Young on the outside. This shift illustrates the coaching staff’s active evaluation of player performances and the adaptable nature of position battles throughout camp.

Jaleel Skinner’s consistent presence with the first offensive group at tight end reflects his growing importance in the offensive game plan. Cam McCormick’s involvement with the second group underlines the team’s depth in this position.

Running backs coach Tim Harris’s emphasis on route running with the running backs’ group suggests a comprehensive approach to skill development. Ajay Allen is impressive in this department.

Ajay Allen’s new role within the second group of running backs, behind Henry Parrish Jr., indicates ongoing competition in the backfield. The potential shift in the running back competition, with Don Chaney Jr. appearing to fall behind, could impact the team’s depth chart for game one.

Tommy Kinsler has received some work with the second offensive line unit at right tackle, in addition to guard positions. Chris Washington has also worked with the second group at right tackle this week.

Quarterback Jacurri Brown’s improved accuracy on deep throws compared to the previous year is an encouraging development this week.

Quarterback Tyler V’s successful connections on multiple deep passes, particularly with wide receiver Colbie Young, highlight his ability to stretch the field and create significant offensive opportunities in coach Shannon Dawson’s offense.

Freshman quarterback Emory Williams continued to make an impression with his sustained accuracy, suggesting a promising future at the quarterback position.


The performances of freshman linebackers Raul “Popo” Aguirre Jr. and Malik Bryant continue to impress, showcasing newfound depth at the linebacker position.

In the linebacking unit, Wesley Bissainthe and Keontra Smith led drills this week. Their role as the first up in drills underlines their potential impact in terms of leadership according to coach Cristobal.

Redshirt freshman defensive lineman Ahmad Moten’s inclusion with the first defensive line unit in drills during a viewing session suggests the coaching staff’s evaluation of his potential contribution to the team this season. He is someone that the staff is very high on in terms of his development.

Freshman Damari Brown has received more reps with the first group at defensive back, and it appears the coaching staff is preparing him for a significant role this season as a freshman, opposite his older brother in Davonte Brown.

As the Miami Hurricanes’ Fall Camp progresses, these insights from the second week offer a slight glimpse into the team’s evolving dynamics and the promising talents emerging across various positions. With the season opener only three weeks away, these developments will continue to shape the team’s preparations and strategies as they gear up for the challenges ahead.



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