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Julian Sayin Has Incredible Offseason Week



Courtesy AkShotIt

Five Star Quarterback Julian Sayin was already regarded as one of, if not the best QB in the country, but he further proved his skills during an incredible week in California. The Alabama commit participated in the Elite 11, the OT7 National Championship, and a high school 7v7 event with his Carlsbad teammates and showcased his talents at every event.

Sayin started his incredible five-day run at the Elite 11 on Wednesday where he ran through a series of drills along with 20 of the top QBs in the country at this exclusive, invite-only event. The future Crimson Tide QB immediately caught the attention of those watching with the way he spins the ball. 

One look at Julian Sayin throwing and it’s obvious that the ball jumps off of his hand differently. Over the last couple of months, I’ve watched just about all of the top QBs in the country throw in person  and nobody throws a better-looking ball than Sayin. 

Sayin was named as the top performer on day one of the Elite 11 on Wednesday before coming back on day two and extending the lead over his competition. Day two was a pro day style workout where the QBs received a score for their performancebased on their accuracy, completion percentage and more. Sayin not only won the pro day contest but tied CJ Stroud for the highest score at the Elite 11 over the last five years.

After being named top performer the first two days, Sayin showed out again in the accuracy contest on day three. Accuracy and ball placement might be the most impressive part of Sayin’s incredibly well-rounded skill set and he proved it during this contest. At the end of day three, Julian Sayin was named the overall MVP of the prestigious Elite 11 QB camp.

Sayin received his MVP early on Friday afternoon and immediately jumped in a car and took the hour-long ride over to the OT7 National Championship in LA. Sayin jogged in from the parking lot, threw on his RAW Miami jersey and immediately went to work helping to lead his team to a perfect 3-0 day in pool play. Sayin’s decision making and ball placement was incredible. Sayin tested some of the best DBs in the country down the field and had a near perfect day spinning it for his Miami based 7v7 team. 

On Saturday, while OT7 had a skills competition, Sayin made the drive over to Carlsbad to compete in another 7v7 event with his high school. Sayin led Carlsbad High School to a perfect day, scoring on 20 out of 20 drives and dominating defenses along the way.

After the dominant performance with his high school on Saturday, Sayin was back at the OT7 National Championship for elimination play with RAW Miami on Sunday. Sayin made some incredible throws down field to top 2025 WRs Naeshaun Montgomery, Cortez Mills and Deion Deblanc, as well as some incredibly placed balls to four star 2024 WRs KJ Duff and Lawayne McCoy, among others. Sayin lead RAW Miami to the championship game and was named the overall tournament MVP.

Not many players have had a more successful offseason stretch than Julian Sayin over the last week. Winning the Elite 11 MVP, while breaking records along the way, a perfect performance with his high school team on Saturday, and taking home the OT7 National Championship MVP all in the stretch of five days has certainly strengthened his case to be the top QB in the country. Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide got themselves one heck of a QB and a player with all the potential to be a top five draft pick in a few years.

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