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GOAT: Lionel Messi Wins an Unprecedented Eighth Ballon D’Or



credit: Getty Images

Lionel Messi has won his Eighth Ballon D’Or after a banner season that culminated in helping Argentina win the World Cup. Messi was spectacular, not just in the World Cup, but also had an excellent regular season. Across 54 games, he scored 38 goals and provided 26 assists, resulting in a jaw-dropping 62 goal involvements. Such numbers are not just figures on a page; they represent the magic Messi brings to the pitch every single time he steps onto it.

Beyond the impressive stats, Messi’s influence on the game is unparalleled. His ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates is unrivaled, making him a linchpin for any team he plays for. This was evident when he played a central role in Argentina’s triumphant World Cup campaign. Messi not only scored in every stage of the World Cup but also netted a brace against a formidable French side. This accomplishment, among others, has solidified his place as one of the all-time greats.

While his individual accolades are a testament to his genius, Messi’s heart lies in team achievements. This was apparent when he led his club to clinch the French league and the French Super Cup. His contributions were acknowledged globally, earning him titles such as FIFA’s The Best Men’s Player and the Laureus Best Sportsman of the Year. However, in a recent interview, Messi humbly stated that the individual awards no longer hold significance for him. Instead, he cherishes collective achievements, with the World Cup being the pinnacle.

Despite his personal views on the Ballon d’Or, Messi’s exemplary performance this season and in the World Cup left little doubt about his deserving the accolade for an unprecedented Eighth time. His trophy cabinet is a testament to his greatness:

9x MVP LaLiga
8x Ballon D’Or
6x Golden Shoe
2x Men’s Player of the year
2x The Best Award
2x MVP Copa America

As he adds another Ballon d’Or to his collection, Lionel Messi has undoubtedly etched his name in golden letters as the best footballer the world has ever seen. His journey, filled with passion, dedication, and unparalleled skill, is an inspiration for generations to come. Messi is not just a footballer; he is the epitome of greatness in the beautiful game. He is, without a doubt, the greatest of all time.

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