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EDGE Wyatt Gilmore Discusses Top Five Schools Ahead of Miami Official Visit



Photo Credit: @wyattgilmore9 // Twitter

Class of 2024 edge-rusher Wyatt Gilmore trimmed his recruitment down to five schools on May 28. This announcement was made ahead of an important month of official visits for Gilmore, which begins this weekend at Miami.

Gilmore spoke to LifeWallet Sports about each of these five programs.


“I really like [head coach P.J.] Fleck and [defensive line coach Winston DeLattiboudere III] … it is impossible not to like them. And then you have [defensive coordinator Joe Rossi], who’s one of the best [defensive] coordinators in college football. And obviously, being my hometown, that really helps. It’s a really neat program.”


“They’re a team that used to dominate college football, and if you look at their recent recruiting classes, I think they’re going to start to dominate the game again. Having [defensive line coach Jason] Taylor there, that’s awesome, like knowing that he’s been through it all and he’s done everything and just the knowledge that he has.”


“I think they’re really gonna dominate in the SEC. And with [head coach Brent] Venables there, obviously he’s been there before and he just knows how to dominate, and I really think [defensive ends coach Miguel] Chavis, his energy … I’d say that Oklahoma and Minnesota are the two schools that are [reaching out the most].”


“I’d say one of the most interesting parts of Oregon is like how many defensive minds they have there, and that is something that I’m not taking for granted. They have [head coach Dan] Lanning. He coached outside linebackers and was the defensive coordinator at Georgia. And then you got [defensive coordinator Tosh] Lupoi, [graduate assistant Tony] Washington [Jr.]. They just have so much defensive line knowledge.”

Kansas State:

“When they were in my top five, it really took a lot of people by surprise … I feel like everyone forgets that Kansas State won the Big 12 over TCU, and I really think they’re just an underrated team and their 3-3-5 defense, I feel like that’s just something that I can really have an interest in. It’s not something you see a whole lot, but I just really like that aspect of it.”



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