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ACC Officiating Supervisor Asserts Miami Fumble Call as Accurate



Replay officials have been confirmed to have made the correct decision regarding a pivotal fumble that proved costly for the Miami Hurricanes in their recent matchup against Georgia Tech. Alberto Riveron, the ACC supervisor of officials, disclosed this information to ESPN on Wednesday.

Instead of opting for a conservative play like taking a knee with just 33 seconds remaining in the game while holding a slim 20-17 lead, Miami chose to hand off the ball to their running back, Don Chaney Jr., who unfortunately fumbled. A prompt review through instant replay was initiated to ascertain whether Chaney’s elbow had made contact with the ground before the fumble, which was subsequently recovered by Georgia Tech.

The officiating referee, along with the replay official present at the game, collaborated with officials at the ACC Game Day Operations Center in Charlotte to thoroughly scrutinize the play. Riveron emphasized that after a careful examination, they concluded that “there was no incontrovertible visual evidence to overturn the original ruling made on the field.”

Riveron stated, “We made the correct call based on the available camera angles. The established process and protocol were rigorously followed.”

Miami’s representatives maintain a different perspective, citing a photograph that appears to show Chaney’s elbow grounded with possession of the football still intact. When asked specifically about this photograph, Riveron reiterated that all proper procedures had been meticulously adhered to during the review process.

“We examine all the camera angles provided by our television partners and closely inspect the play,” Riveron clarified. “Our focus is on tracking the football’s position relative to the player’s control leading up to when he hits the ground. To overturn a ruling on the field, we must have continuous visual confirmation of the player maintaining control of the football until he is legally considered down.”

He added, “Without such evidence, we cannot overturn the ruling on the field, which in this instance, was a fumble.”

Subsequently, Georgia Tech took possession of the ball and secured victory with a dramatic 44-yard touchdown pass from Haynes King to Christian Leary, just one second before the game’s conclusion.

Miami’s head coach, Mario Cristobal, revealed on Monday that they had submitted this play, along with several others, for further review to determine the accuracy of the ruling.

Miami’s athletic director, Dan Radakovich, voiced his belief that the standard of “indisputable video evidence” should be reevaluated. Radakovich explained, “The standard of indisputable evidence can be quite rigorous. The pace of the game is high, and while the officials do an exceptional job, there are moments when additional assistance might be needed. Requiring indisputable evidence can sometimes pose a significant challenge.”

He added, “I believe this is a matter that should be explored by the football rules committee. They may choose not to make any changes, but it’s a discussion that should be had.”

Cristobal has openly acknowledged his error in not opting for a safer play like taking a knee during that critical moment.

Following the fumble, Chaney and center Matt Lee were captured on the sideline displaying their emotions, with Lee later expressing in a press conference that he has no regrets about revealing his frustration. He emphasized that the game should never have been as close as it was and cited multiple missed opportunities throughout the match that could have sealed the victory for Miami.



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