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A Ray of Hope: Marlins Triumph Over Yankees 5-2 Amid Season Struggles



Credit: Marlins Twitter

After dropping the first two games against the mighty New York Yankees (10-3), the Miami Marlins (2-11) arguably had the best game of the season, taking the third game from New York with a 5-2 victory. The Fish received a solid pitching performance from Ryan Weathers, who pitched five innings, allowing zero runs and just three hits.

The Fish took a 4-0 lead in the third, powered by Jake Burger’s three-run blast. The Yankees narrowed the gap to two runs by adding a run in the 6th with a Giancarlo Stanton solo shot, and in the 8th inning, Juan Soto’s double drove in another run to make it 4-2. The much-maligned Marlins bullpen was able to hold the lead, and the Fish added another run in the 9th to secure a 5-2 win.

The Marlins’ win was a much-needed victory for a team that has started the year disastrously. If the Fish continue at this current pace, they are expected to finish the year with a 25-137 record, by far the worst record in franchise history. After making the playoffs last year, former Marlins general manager Kim Ng opted out of her final year of her contract when her vision and the Marlins’ vision were at “odds.” After an offseason where the Marlins let some of their best talent leave and failed to address the bullpen and pitching issues, it is clear now that the Marlins’ vision was status quo. During this stretch, Marlins manager Skip Schumaker has also opted out of his contract and is not expected to re-sign in 2025.

It has gotten so bad attendance-wise for the Fish that they are now running promotions for opposing fan bases. After 32 seasons of poor management and running the team like a AAA club, management does not deserve the fans’ trust going forward. It wouldn’t be surprising if the season continues to spiral out of control and another fire sale with Burger, Luzardo, and even Alcantara would not be out of the question. The faithful fans do not deserve that heartbreak again. Let us hope that the players can start stacking up wins, and even if the playoffs might be out of reach, that the Fish can give a competitive effort from here on out.

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