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Blockchain Technology Can Improve Healthcare for All in 2023



As healthcare looks for ways to improve the safety of electronic health information, it is time to turn to blockchain technology which has the ability to help improve healthcare for all.  A major issue for patients lies in the accuracy of treatment and the immediate accessibility of treatment records. Blockchain offers the technology to improve the sharing of healthcare information between providers while maintaining the privacy and security of the data.

Blockchain technology functions using an encrypted data ledger that links secure blocks of information. This shared unchangeable ledger is used to record transactions, track assets, and build trust in transactions.

A shared ledger is a digital database that is visible to all parties who contribute to the healthcare of a patient. These parties can easily add patient information which creates a new block of information which becomes part of the chain. This updated blockchain is then shared across the network of providers and healthcare data is immediately accessible. The block structure means administrative users can only add entries to which they have been given access. The data in a blockchain contain unique digital identifiers and any attempt to change data can quickly be identified.  This preserves the integrity and trustworthiness of the data.

For the patient, this means the ability for the healthcare providers to have immediate access to medical data which will help provide better and more efficient healthcare. Patients will also have password protected access to their healthcare records across a range of medical offices and hospitals. Patients will now retain some control over their records and their information cannot be transferred between professionals without their permission. This confidentiality would encourage patients to seek needed medical treatment without fear.

Healthcare is an industry where record keeping is fundamental and for years it has been drowning in data. Additionally, even with the best protection protocols in place, errors happen placing the health of patients and communities at risk. Blockchain technology will keep medical providers and hospital more organized and will ensure patients records, prescriptions and billing are well managed and immediately accessible.

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform and improve healthcare in 2023. When fully deployed, patients will be the focus during treatment while offering better security, privacy and accessibility.

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