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Elmiron Bellwether On Track for Trial To Begin



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Elmiron lawsuits are legal claims that people who took Elmiron, a medication used to treat interstitial cystitis, and later developed maculopathy, or macular degeneration, which is a disease that causes the progressive loss of central vision, or other serious vision problems have filed. Elmiron lawsuits allege Janssen Pharmaceuticals knew about the risk of eye damage but failed to adequately warn the public.

Why Are Elmiron Lawsuits Being Filed? 

Elmiron lawsuits are being filed against Janssen Pharmaceuticals by plaintiffs who took Elmiron, a medication used to treat interstitial cystitis, and suffered vision problems that could lead to blindness, including maculopathy. The plaintiffs further allege that Jansen withheld reports of adverse effects of the drugs from the public, as well as the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) .

Elmiron’s Link to Maculopathy 

Several studies have linked Elmiron, the brand name of pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS), to a unique type of maculopathy called pigmentary maculopathy. According to a March 2022 study, people who used Elmiron for more than three years had a 9.5-fold greater risk of maculopathy.

Researchers have said this type of maculopathy exclusively occurs in Elmiron users. Maculopathy is a progressive disease that could lead to blindness, and there is no known cure.

In 2018, eye doctors began to publish reports of Elmiron related eye damage, and the literature on these types of injuries have only grown since then, with no signs of slowing down.

The most common visual symptoms reported in studies were difficulty reading and difficulty adapting to dim lighting. Researchers found that PPS users who took more of the drug over a longer period of time had the worst eye damage and that damage could continue progressing even after a patient stopped taking the medicine.

In a study from April 2022 published in Asia-Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology, researchers said Elmiron maculopathy is often misdiagnosed as another eye problem.

Elmiron Patients File Suit 

Lawsuits against Janssen began in 2020, shortly after a warning was placed on the drug’s label of these potential risks. Three of these early lawsuits belonged to Jeanette Milburn, Valarie Hull and Kimberly Pelczar, who claimed that their long-term Elmiron use caused them to lose their vision at night and further develop pigmentary maculopathy, vision degradation, retinal injury and retinal hemorrhage. In their lawsuit they claim defective product and a failure to warn them and their doctors of the risk of permanent vision damage.  In the latest Elmiron lawsuit 2022 court update, Janssen is facing 1,774 cases in federal court as of Sept. 15, 2022.

Status of Elmiron Lawsuits 

So far there have been no Elmiron lawsuit 2022 trials, but the first bellwether trial in the Elmiron multidistrict litigation in New Jersey is tentatively scheduled for January 2023. Bellwether trials are important because they set the stage for how all other cases are valued and how soon a global settlement can be reached in all cases in the multidistrict litigation, or MDL, which is when a panel of judges consolidate a large group of cases that have similarfacts and injuries against one defendant.

Elmiron Lawsuit 2022 Settlement Amounts 

There haven’t been any Elmiron lawsuit 2022 settlements as of yet. Because there have been no trials, jury verdicts or global Elmiron settlement offers, it’s difficult to determine what Elmiron settlement amounts might be, though the bellwether case will help to provide case values for the cases that follow. If juries award high verdict amounts to plaintiffs, it could also encourage a global settlement. If Janssen offers a settlement, factors such as severity of injuries and financial damages will determine what each individual plaintiff’s settlement amount will be. Complex Elmiron litigation may take a few years to resolve. Even after a settlement is reached, disbursing settlement funds to hundreds of people will take time.

Am I Eligible to File an Elmiron Lawsuit? 

If you have a confirmed diagnosis of eye issues after taking Elmiron for at least two years, you may be eligible to file an Elmiron lawsuit. Lawyers have additional criteria that could affect your chances of qualifying. You may qualify to file an Elmiron lawsuit if you:

  • Took Elmiron for at least two years;
  • Sought medical treatment for vision issues;
  • Were diagnosed with vision problems, such as pigmentary maculopathy, retinal maculopathy or macular degeneration, after taking Elmiron;
  • Suffered vision changes such as blurred vision, difficulty reading, distorted vision, eye pain, issues adjusting to darkness, vision disturbances, or vision loss after taking Elmiron;
  • Were diagnosed with vision problems or started having vision problems while taking the medication or within one year of stopping the medication; and
  • Started having vision problems on or after Jan. 1, 2010 after taking Elmiron.

Only a lawyer can tell you for sure if you qualify to file an Elmiron lawsuit. If you aren’t sure if you qualify based on the criteria laid out above, the best next step would be to contact an Elmiron lawyer, who can help you.

 Why File an Elmiron Lawsuit? 

Filing an Elmiron lawsuit may help those suffering permanent vision problems get compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of quality of life and future care.

Having been on the market since 1996, studies have linked Elmiron to permanent vision damage for years, and yet Jannsen didn’t warn the public of the risk until 2020. Some people may file lawsuits to bring awareness to Elmiron’s side effects and prevent others from suffering permanent vision loss. Elmiron lawsuits may also hold Janssen accountable for negligence. When people injured by Elmiron go to trial, they may be awarded punitive damages, which are awarded to punish defendants for grossly negligent or malicious behavior and to discourage further negligent behavior.

Will There Be an Elmiron Recall? 

Elmiron has not been recalled despite studies linking long-term use to potentially permanent vision damage. The FDA published the new label with the maculopathy warning but has not issued a statement or safety communication about it. So far, the agency hasn’t asked Janssen to recall the drug and the drugmaker hasn’t said it plans to issue a recall. The drug has been on the market since 1996 and is still the only oral treatment available for the condition.

Important Considerations to Keep in Mind: 

Q: What injuries have you experienced? 

A: People filing Elmiron lawsuits have typically been diagnosed with maculopathy (macular degeneration), so knowing your medical diagnosis can help determine whether you qualify.

Q: When did your Vision problems begin? 

A: The timeline between Elmiron use and vision problems starting is important to establish a connection between the two. The General timeline for vision injury is while taking Elmiron or within one year of stopping.

Q: Do your vision problems affect your day-to-day activities? 

A: The impact of your vision problems on your daily life is important to build your case if applicable. Keep an accurate log of the physical, emotional, and other effects of your vision injuries.

Q: How long did you take Elmiron? 

A: Vision problems have been linked to long-term exposure to Elmiron. The majority of plaintiffs had taken the drug for at least two years before their vision problems presented. This is not a requirement, but long-term use has shown more injury than short term use.

Q: Do you or your family have a history of eye problems? 

A: It is important for your lawyer to know if you had a history of vision issues in your family prior to these, as these will be important details for building your case.

Q: What treatment did your medical provider recommend? 

A: Be sure to bring any medications you are or were taking for your vision problems and keep track of how the medications have affected you and your vision.

Q: What prognosis did your medical provider give? 

A: Be prepared to discuss what your doctor told you about your chances of recovering your vision and whether you could expect any improvements in your symptoms.

There may be a statute of limitations on filing your case, so please contact an Elmiron attorney as soon as you can.

Find out if you qualify to join this lawsuit


PHONE: 878 425 3782

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